- Rav Boyz Story from year one -

Picked up a leaflet for Karate and Kickboxing not too far from where we live, thought we would check it out, rang up was told to come and watch…..Karate seems boring however the Boyz liked the Kickboxing…. ok so we agreed to join paid the asking price for all four Boyz and ordered and paid for the gear. believe it was Oct 2012 , we went to two lessons and was told that we would be fighting in a interclub just kids from the club no outsiders on the same level….. this was in Nov 2012 …. few won few lost… started properly in Jan 2013…. always sat and watched … was getting a little concerned black belts found it difficult to do even 50 press ups fitness level seemed poor…stamina was for sure not very good at all….l myself did Karate 25-30 years ago don’t think we had kickboxing then anyway moves seemed very similar…..must say technically was good but no power or speed… anyways March we went to a competition to watch CIMAC in Windsor…. month after l think it was we took part….. Boyz were so scared they just cried soon as they put a foot on the matt…. think we did Semi-contact and Light – Contact……same on both just cried don’t think they even fought at all…. we got home sat with the Boyz asked what’s up…they said Papa we want to quit….. ummmm ok asked what’s the problem they said nothing we just don’t want to do it any more….. but you haven’t even fought properly plus l had just spent around £1k on fees and gear for the four Boyz…. l made a agreement with the Boyz that l will teach them at home on the days they don’t go… we agreed to be honest l had no idea… l got books on Kickboxing from Amazon also DVD’s… looked at fights on the internet… l was semi-retired so had plenty of time … so set up a time table and here it is:

Every Morning Before School and Weekends

  1. First thing to do is put the pray on ( Sura Yaseen and Sura Maryam )
  2. Kaamil cleans and Hoovers all the rooms upstairs
  3. Rayan Hall way
  4. Kumel Kitchen and makes breakfast
  5. Mikhail all the living rooms
  6. 100 X Press Ups, Sit Ups, Burpees and Squats each EVERY morning and Afternoon Training or Not.

Au-Pair and Cleaner dismissed lol.

They trained twice a week as the Boyz got stronger we started working on our own Combo’s and naming them like A1 , P4. K1. F1 Rav Boy Kick etc….. Then we went back to CIMAC Sept 2013 … we are standing to be weighed young lad in front of us is being weighed we watch his just over 34kg….. Mikhail fights -30kg his 9 or 10 then l believe 28kg… wow its the same lad we saw being weighed fighting -30kg …l asked the Ref if he would weigh him … they said NO…. ok l take Mikhail to one side and tell him… you know and l know… show me what you learnt Son…. and WOW he sure did he was on Fire never seen him so fast and sharp …. he not only Won that day he made the Rav Boyz… doesn’t matter how many medals , trophies or belts we hold that one 3rd place Medal is everything to us….. we made our kits based on that fight he was on FIRE… his Brothers felt that Fire…. they all learn from that day…. after that we just fought weekend after weekend no fear at all anyone anywhere…. Each time getting better and better learning from each fight… win or lose we learn and learn good…. everyone trains the same…. same moves but we were not interested in being technical at all . the Boyz strength ,speed and power is extremely good just imagine once we do add technique OMG!

I am no professional coach or a super coach l learnt and am learning from the best way possible from Books . DVD’s mostly from The Rav Boyz… I respect all coaches and martial artist to the extent that if you guys ever notice l NEVER step inside the ring as l don’t believe l am worthy of being in the same ring as a coach who has dedicated his time, affect, life into coaching and is credited to that extent, that’s why l coach from outside the ring and only enter as a father to stand next to my Son when the fight is over only on title fights if won, Not am l just a proud coach am a even prouder father as my Boyz have and will always fight with respect and honour… if they fight someone weaker then them they will step back never forget where you were once upon time …NEVER showboat.. l hope this has inspired kids to never give up. quitting is NOT an option its failure…..If we could do it am sure everyone or anyone can….We focus now on helping other kids… kids are being trained by The Rav Boyz these Boyz are one of the best in field for their age and weight and they have only just started, only way is up …. These are just little kids themselves courage the sacrifice they have shown is beyond believe.

Now we have Kamran Ali Ravjani he was 3yrs old when he did his first competition the person he fought was double his size, he was entered into the under 6 section, great experience am sure like his brothers he will be a true warrior and a great Champion.

Sofia Zainab Fatima Ravjani is 5 now she likes to train the Gym with other kids, really enjoys the attention from her brothers, he teaches the new little girls how to stand and the basics combinations, again am sure she will be a very true champion in time to come.

Great challenges and very exciting times for the Rav Boyz and girl am sure they will embrace it with all they have and enjoy every moments with great passion and desire.