January 31, 2017

Kumel Ali Ravjani

Kumel is Kaamil’s twin brother sometimes people ask for Kaamil thinking his the weaker one very quickly change their minds. Kumel to be honest is the weaker one however weaker to me and weaker to someone else is completely different as many have found out.

Kumel gets most of the titles for his age and weight in some cases Kaamil vacants his title for Kumel to fight for. Kumel has lost a few but not that many again last few he had was bias one even confirmed by the promoter yet again very bad shows. Live and Learn. Last one we had to walk out…my Boyz come first…clearly a setup…..malicious intent…..again fake glory fighters…..Kumel really enjoys his fights ….some are hard fights for him which are the best ones…some he pushes himself to victory…always happy either way….listens, trains hard and maintains his weight…..