June 5, 2015

Mikhail Ali Ravjani


Mikhail has always proven to be the backbone of the Rav Boys. He being the eldest has shown great courage and stamina to achieve what others only dream about .when we first started we saw a lad at the club sparring and said wow l want to fight like that.  Two years later he won the same lad in a competition with a flawless victory. His idol became his student he fought for a ISKA title on a Saturday Show and the next day which is a Sunday he fought for a WKA title and won both titles . The true grit and confidence is something he has passed on to his brothers. l personally believe there is no one his age and weight he can’t Win. Maybe older same weight more experience much older in most cases but that is where his challenge will always be, which is great.

Mikhail loves kickboxing and enjoys a good challenge. He amazingly never complains about bias decisions just says “been there done that” we know the score let them wear my belt great attitude that’s the only one they going to be wearing.  Mikhail had a very bad year, he started high school and felt the change he didn’t want to train again. He fought everyone worth fighting with the same old vigour and strength but enjoyed coaching other kids at the Gym which is great. He really needs a decent challenge and away from bad show and promoters the honourable ones will say ok let’s do a rematch .mistakes can be made because judges are human and we all make mistakes. Other judges who know what they did just either go into retirement at 11 years or quit. Their loss at the end of the day, mess with us once we will forgive, twice I don’t think so because we are here to stay we getting stronger and stronger each year while others hide, run or go into retirement lol. Mikhail has always respected his opponent no matter what. He never boasts or feels the same as the rest of his Brother; he believes that it is disgraceful to his opponent even insulting. I guess being an adult makes him see things differently. To knock another child’s confidence by showboating is a very sad unsportsmanlike thing to do, seen a few kids at the top doing it. ONLY reason they are at the top is due to weight loss, maybe two or three times more experienced and 2-3yrs older this is usually referred to sitting on a weight which is a great challenge and sometimes the only challenge.

The problem is once they are no longer a junior and have to fight cadets they always quit because it is always easy to fight someone weaker or less experienced but to fight someone on the same level that makes a true fighter. Mikhail understands this and has always said won’t be seeing him again then currently Mikhail has had a few challenges l believe this is due to biased decisions .however yes we will accept most challenges but have decided that we will be picking the shows very carefully i.e. the ones that gives us  a equal playing field. We are starting K1 as we feel it is time for bigger challenges and new ventures