January 31, 2017

Rayan Ali Ravjani

Rayan is the youngest of the four Rav Boyz also l believe the more technical again for his age and weight he Ranks number one…. Gets very upset with himself when he knows he messed up and didn’t listen…. Very rare he loses to anyone his age and weight ….excellent kicks and great timing….some consider him to be the best and believe he will make it all the way as a pro…..

Rayan has a few title belts sometimes does his own thing doesn’t listen ….has lost a few easy fights….main issue is over confidence….which sometimes is a good lesson to learn….. however when he listens and pays attention he is unbeatable very fast excellent movements…..can pick his shots very nicely…..still very young but very eager which is a good thing I guess….. was great at points… still enjoys to do it sometimes….loves a good challenge just like his Brothers due to his age and weight does get a few but then has a few pull outs too….sometimes not easy to match up…..again some clubs look for fake glory and easy fights……